Hi, I’m Anzelina. I formed Scattergoods Creative after my search for beautiful, eco-conscious objects to share and for my own home. I create small-batch candles and soaps that use no chemical fragrances, no petrochemicals, no palm products, and are organic, non-GMO, renewable, and reusable wherever possible. I’ve spent countless hours searching for the highest quality ingredients. I’m always experimenting with ways to work with traditional methods and materials.

“Gorgeous and delicately scented”

— MadeHere PDX


My products are all made by hand. I am partnered with Meadow Anderson, a ceramicist based in Portland, Oregon, to make our containers. Then, I hand pour every candle and bar of soap in my Southeast Portland workshop. I use waxes and oils that are all natural. I never use chemical fragrances. If I can’t create a scent without this method, I just won’t make it!


Why do you use beeswax in your candles?

Unlike paraffin, which disperses sludge and chemical particles into your home and ventilation, beeswax actually purified the air. Burning beeswax candles produces negative ions which cleans the gross particles out of the air, and promotes a fresher ion ratio. As an added bonus, beeswax in the candles lengthens their burn time and reduces smoke!

Is your soy wax really free of GMOs?

Yes! I proudly use a soy blend that is certified to contain no GMOs. If you’d like more information, email me at hello@scattergoodscreative.com.